The public letter from Media Dream Academy

The Media Dream Academy has been going for 5 years and has recorded the youth of one generation. Today, we want to talk to you about a public letter, let’s get to know an unfamiliar but friendly

The public letter from Media Dream Academy—— For domestic and oversea Chinese youth: rebuild belief and search for our spiritual homeland

Dear students:

The Media Dream Academy has been going for 5 years and has recorded the youth of one generation. Today, we want to talk to you about a public letter, let’s get to know an unfamiliar but friendly organization.
The generations of ‘80s’ and ‘90s’were born and raised up after the implementation of reform and opening-up policies. Between 20 and 30 years old, a period forteenagers transferring to adults, during which youths start working after finishing academic study then possibly getting married. In this transformation period of Chinese society, what kinds of expectations and confusions do people have? In the influence of marketization and globalization, Chinese people become richer but how about theirspiritual homeland? How can individuals and the society be improved to a higher level? Who can answer these questions?
Youths are leading the future of China and should be paid more attention to. Compared with earlier generations, they are richer in knowledge, think in more practical ways and have higher inner quality, more importantly, they are expecting a fair, effective and legal society. Media Dream Academy focuses on this demographic and sets the theme as “striving for the future” to rebuild belief and lead a new thought trend. It mainly discusses issues on humanitarianism and life-long learning.
Media Dream Academy was inspired by Japanese Matsushita Political Economy Private School and has been started since the beginning of 2009 while the financial crisis was felt around the world. It particularly concerns the relationship between human and economic values, human and nature as well asindividual development. The thoughts of youth groups have been recorded and the youth leaders has been picked and trained, besides,their experience towards life has been revealed and expressed by special programs plus lessons. An open and comprehensive platform has been established, where youth make discussions and show their talents. Hopefully, the technique of television can help them built their beliefs and search for theirspiritual homeland.
Here, we need ‘students who are young and full of potential’.
Here, the outstanding students discuss what is human, what is natural discipline and what is Chinese traditional spirit by lessons. They are able to be more determined, responsible and more practical and get an international view by comprehensive economic and educational social activities.
Here, as a part of the generation,who is leading the future of China, you can communicate with community leaders and expand your social circle. In addition, you can establish your important value system.
Here, all the professors are concerned about the future of China sincerely, and we care about the teacher-student relationship and the inter-student relationship as well.
Here, you are required to take part in the exam, the interview and hand in your essay no matter what background you have.
Here, both males and females will live in a campus with everyone else and only have 4-5 hours to sleep per day. You need to listen to the lessons from 25 top professors within 10 days, finish a short film with your group members, a commercial project plan, a new program plan and a television evening party. The whole training courses challenge human physical and mental limit, so it is believed the students get through this battle will not be threatened by any problems in future work.
Here, there is a platform where we communicate in a friendly manner and think in depth.
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About Media Dream Academy

“If you have been able to see further than others, it is because you are standing on the shoulders of giants.” Initiated in 2009, the team from CCTVonce organized 2 well-known programs—<<THE BUSINESS lEGENDS>> and <<If you have 100 million>>— again brought their audience the Media Dream Academy—Graduate employment series, which was expected to be a program like lighthouse with the light of dream glinting when the dark clouds of the financial crisis loomed at the time. Numerous iconic figures in China from different fields attended the program as consultants or mentors, they are: Mr. Guanghua Yu (former vice director of China Central Television), Mr. YujunBao (vice secretary general of CPPCC, researcher of General Staff of State Department), A’qiu (famous compere of CCTV), Mr. Minhong Yu (CEO of New Oriental Education Group) and Mr. Guangbiao Chen (famous entrepreneur and philanthropist). Moreover, with the participation of various enterprises and universities, the Media Dream Academy aims to be a platform where graduates with their own dreams can become prepared for their future employment. In addition to the success in China, Media Dream Academy has its global vision, on 22nd July 2013, the program signed strategic association partnership treaty with Propeller TV (UK) in Communication University of China. During the last 5 seasons of Media Dream Academy, the program was awarded the Best Social Welfare Entity in International University Student Festival Beijing 2013 and Global Most Influential University Student Activity in the 3rd China Social Welfare Festival. For the incoming 6th(or 7th)? season of Media Dream Academy there has been massive cheer and blessing from the field of entertainment and sports, including Ms. HaiZu (singer), Ms. Xiaoting Pan (billiards player), Ms, YueliRen (Singer), Xuriyanggang Band, Mr. Zige Fang (Actor).
The Media Dream Academy in China has been highly praised for its content that is listed in textbooks, and many celebrities have been the mentors in the program such as Mr. YujunBao (vice secretary general of CPPCC, researcher of General Staff of State Department), Ms. Hua Xia (CEO of Eve Group), Mr. Minghong Yu (CEO of New Oriental Education Group), Mr. Xuming Wang (former spokesman for Ministry of Education), Mr. Yushi Mao (Economist), Mr. Zhidong Wang (founder of Sina Group), Mr. Shuang Liu (COO of Phoenix Group), Ms. Yuanhua Zhao (Vice CEO of Mengniu Group), A’qiu (compere of CCTV), Mr. Pu Zhao (compere of CCTV), Mr. Jiaming Li (compere of CCTV), Mr. Chun Sheng (compere of CCTV), Mr. Li He (former editor of Global Business), Mr. Keqin Wang (Journalist), Xiaonan Zhang (Journalist).
The Media Dream Academy has established partnerships with hundreds of universities including Jilin University, Hunan University, Xiamen University, Nanchang University, Yale University, New York University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The programs also established channels with employers such as Tencent,,, Vista Magazine, Global Business Magazine, China Business Weekly, Mengniu Group, Motie Publishing Group and Lenovo. For further detail please log on to